A Better Outcome for Your Patients

As a healthcare provider, you always want the best outcome for your patients. And when it comes to chafing and skin irritation caused by incontinence, the Balmex brand has been trusted for generations.

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A Heritage of Skin Protection

Clinically proven relief.
Trusted for over 60 years.

Incontinence and incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) are major challenges for health care professionals, particularly those caring for older adults. IAD can cause significant discomfort and pain, while leading to more severe complications including pressure ulcers.

Made by the brand that has been trusted for generations, Balmex AdultAdvantage is a clinically proven skin relief cream specifically designed to reduce the effects of IAD. And when healthcare professionals follow proactive skincare practices and use Balmex, they improve patient quality of life and realize better patient outcomes.

Easy to Apply.
Easy to Remove.

A winning combination for you
and your patients.

Some skin relief creams are difficult to remove, requiring manual scraping or the use of additional products such as mineral oil. This additional labor not only takes time, but it can also cause further damage to skin that is already compromised.

To solve this problem, Balmex AdultAdvantage has been specially formulated to be both easy to apply AND easy to remove. This provides better comfort and faster healing for your patient, while also reducing the amount of time required to treat each patient.

Patients also appreciate that with Balmex AdultAdvantage, they can maintain a self-care regimen using the same widely available product at home.

The Benefits of Zinc Oxide and Skin Shield Technology

An invaluable part of any incontinence care regimen.

Balmex AdultAdvantage pairs the barrier protection of Zinc Oxide with Skin Shield technology—our unique botanical formula for fecal enzyme inhibition. This clinically proven combination helps to manage symptoms while it also helps prevent skin degradation, providing a comprehensive solution for incontinent patients.

Zinc Oxide helps to protect against wetness and chafing, providing a barrier that stops moisture from reaching the skin and causing negative side effects. This is critical to incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) prevention.

The Skin Shield technology in Balmex AdultAdvantage offers an additional line of defense against IAD. The fecal enzymes lipase, trypsin, urease and protease can accelerate skin degradation, leading to increased risk of IAD and more severe complications. Our Skin Shield technology has been proven to counteract these enzymes and reduce patient risk of developing symptoms of IAD.

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