Why Balmex

Clinically Proven to Reduce Redness In One Use

Bladder leakage, and the skin irritation that goes along with it, is a hassle. It can disrupt your daily life, restrict your activities, and impact your social life. Yet this incredibly common problem has never been directly addressed–until now. Balmex AdultAdvantage, powered by Skin Shield technology, is specifically formulated to directly address the skin irritation and discomfort caused by adult incontinence, and to help you take back control of your life.

Balmex Benefits

Three Key Benefits – One Trusted Brand

  • Protects

    Balmex AdultAdvantage protects skin against rash and chafing by creating an impermeable barrier against moisture. This barrier effect also protects skin from further irritation by protecting against friction from clothing.

  • Soothes

    Balmex AdultAdvantage is clinically proven to reduce redness in just one use.* In a controlled study, experts observed and graded statistically significant improvement in visual evaluations after one application, within three hours.

    *Data on file.
  • Heals

    Balmex AdultAdvantage neutralizes and blocks rash-causing irritants with a proprietary combination of skin-soothing botanicals. Our Skin Shield technology breaks down digestive enzymes, preventing further irritation.

Balmex Formulas

A Clinically-Proven Formula

Why Choose Balmex Adult

As common as bladder leakage is, even when you stop the leak with pads or absorbent undergarments, you haven’t stopped the skin irritation. In fact, many people actually make it worse by using a moisturizing hand or body lotion on the affected area. These ineffective products just add moisture to a problem that is already driven by wetness. Now there’s a better way: Balmex AdultAdvantage Skin Relief Cream is specifically designed to address the irritation and chafing caused by incontinence in adults. Our easy-on/easy-off formula is gentle on the skin, treats discomfort quickly, and reduces redness in just one use.

Why Choose Balmex Adult

Here are a few of our favorite tips for living with incontinence.

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