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Balmex AdultAdvantage Clinical Study Results

Statistically Significant Clinical Trial Study Supports Balmex Formulation Claim of Fast Relief

A clinical study* was recently conducted by the Consumer Product Testing Company to determine the efficacy, specifically speed of performance, of Balmex AdultAdvantage skin relief cream in reducing redness due to incontinence-related dermatitis. Further objectives were to determine speed of performance in reducing heat (calor), as a symptom of inflammation, and in improving skin barrier integrity of the affected skin, after use of Balmex AdultAdvantage.

Study Design:
A controlled usage, efficacy evaluation of a topical incontinence rash treatment product which is available for commercial release was executed with evaluation three hours after a single application of the product, using expert visual grading and instrumental measurements.

Clinical Trial Highlights:
Subjects accepted into the study were visually assessed, clinically graded, and instrumental measurements and photographic images were taken prior to application of the test product. All data were entered onto Individual Clinical Record Forms.

An expert grader examined and graded each subject per the following scales (half-point increments were used) with results recorded on the subject’s clinical record form:

  • Clinical Grading of Incontinence Rash
  • Area of Involvement
  • Erythma/Redness Test-Site
  • Instrumental Methods Metrics
  • Photography (Digital Imaging)
  • Skin Temperature
  • Colorimeter
  • Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy (DRS)
  • Transepidermal Water Loss

Clinical Study Results:
Under the conditions of the study, it was determined that statistically significant differences (improvement) in the visual evaluations, clinical grading, erythema/redness, and area of involvement after one application within three hours.

These findings indicate that Balmex AdultAdvantage can help reduce the effects of incontinence-associated dermatitis and prevent more serious complications.

Balmex AdultAdvantage Unique Formulation:
The Balmex AdultAdvantage formula provides a protective barrier against wetness and protects against skin chafing with zinc oxide AND contains Skin Shield technology to break down digestive enzymes which irritate skin due to incontinence, making Balmex AdultAdvantage the best defense for incontinent residents.

*Diaper Rash Study Final Report. Consumer Product Testing Co.

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