Self-Care Tips

Self-Care Tips

Incontinence Related Skin Rashes

Living with bladder leakage is tough enough as it is. The discomfort caused by skin rashes just raises the level of disruption in your daily life. But understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options can help you control the problem, instead of letting it control you.

The most common way that incontinence leads to a skin rash is simply through friction.

Waste products that build up in urine can break down further into ammonia under certain circumstances, and ammonia is very harsh on the skin. In addition, changes in your skin’s pH levels caused by exposure to urine can make you more susceptible to a yeast infection or jock itch. But the most common way that incontinence leads to a skin rash is simply through friction in areas where wet skin rubs against tight clothing, such as underwear or pads.

A skin rash caused by incontinence will likely appear first as red and tender skin in areas covered by close-fitting fabric or elastic. Skin in the affected area may feel warm, raised, or slightly bumpy to the touch. In more severe cases, the bumpiness will be more pronounced, as will the tenderness, burning, and itching. The most severe cases can involve peeling and cracking skin, and even some minor bleeding.

Typically, a rash caused by incontinence will not spread beyond the edge of your undergarments. The severity of the rash is naturally related to the severity of the underlying bladder leakage problem. But it can also be affected by unrelated issues, such as the general condition of your skin, and your overall health and nutrition.

To minimize incontinence rash symptoms, it is important to frequently and gently cleanse the irritated areas using mild, fragrance-free soap, and warm water. Rinse well, pat dry with a clean towel, and apply a layer of Balmex AdultAdvantage for continued protection and healing. Keep clothing, absorbent undergarments, and bedding as clean as possible, especially any fabrics that come into contact with sensitive, irritated skin. Seek professional medical advice if your incontinence rash does not improve or worsens after a few days.

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