Self-Care Tips

Self-Care Tips

Improve Patient Care and Outcomes with Balmex

Clinically proven to reduce redness in one treatment, Balmex AdultAdvantage gives you the proven treatment AND the technology to improve your patient care and outcomes.

In an institutional setting, Balmex AdultAdvantage provides healthcare professionals and their patients a skin relief cream for incontinence-associated dermatitis with several clear advantages:

  • Easy to Apply AND Easy to Remove: Balmex AdultAdvantage is specifically designed with a non-sticky formula that is as easy to remove as it is to apply. There is no need for additional products such as mineral oil to aid with removal. This is better for the patient’s delicate, compromised skin, and it also enables more efficient use of time for the caregiver.
  • Neutralizes and Blocks Skin Irritants: While other zinc oxide creams can create a moisture barrier to protect against chafing, only Balmex has the additional advantage of Skin Shield technology – an exclusive blend of proven botanicals that work to neutralize irritants and help speed healing.
  • Continuity of Care: As a trusted national brand with a 65+ year history, your patients will appreciate that they can continue care at home using the same product that you introduced them to while under your direct care. Some of them may already be familiar with the brand, having used Balmex Complete Protection on their own children to help heal diaper rash.
  • Clinically Proven to Work: A controlled clinical study was recently conducted to determine the efficacy, specifically speed of performance, of Balmex AdultAdvantage skin relief cream in reducing redness due to incontinence-related dermatitis. Under the conditions of the study, it was determined that statistically significant differences (improvement) in the visual evaluations, clinical grading, erythema/redness, and area of involvement after one application within three hours. Read Balmex clinical study details.

The Balmex AdultAdvantage formula provides a protective barrier against wetness and protects against skin chafing with zinc oxide AND contains Skin Shield technology to break down digestive enzymes which irritate skin due to incontinence, making Balmex AdultAdvantage the best defense for incontinent residents

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Balmex is purpose-built to combat incontinence rash.

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